Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Full Moon 28th Feb

There is a full moon on 28th Feb in my star sign (virgo). My stars say it "heralds sunnier times" I really hope so. I hope it brings with it, better luck with my job search. As I've been looking for a day job since I left university. It's hard not to let it effect your confidence when you've been looking for work for so long. You're always told that you should "get an education", that this will help you get a job...but all anyone seems to want is experience. Even for basic office/ filing jobs they want you to have "two years office experience". But I don't have any experience and no one will seem to give me the chance to get any. Catch 22.

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  1. Oh I am a virgo too Thanks for the boost ! I could use some sunnier times myself !!! Good luck with the job search !